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Canoeing and paddle boarding

Lucksall is located next to the beautiful River Wye which is popular with canoeists which can enjoy an abundance of wildlife and picturesque surroundings. 

There are two access points down to the River Wye, one is located just to the rear of the Riverside Bar & Eatery and the other is located at the lower end of the Caravan Park.

Have your own Canoe, Kayak or paddle board?  Why not bring them with you, guests are welcome to use the access points to launch and land during their stay. 

Canoe Hire is available from external companies.

A polite reminder: To those not stopping at Lucksall must call reception on 01432 870213 in advance to check if we are allowing launching / recovery of canoes, kayaks, paddleboards at that time you need to pre-book. A charge £5.00 per day per vehicle and £4.00 per canoe/ SUP/ Kayak to launch or recover will be charged.

Caution should be observed at all times by everyone using the access points when accessing the River wye especially with children. The pontoon is not a fixed structure and moves with the current of the River. Please be aware The River Wye has many under currents. Don’t take risks and never underestimate the power of the River. Children must be supervised at all times. 

Why not bring your own?


If you have your own Canoe, Kayak or paddle board, why not bring it with you?

  • We have two access points to the River Wye which you are welcome to use during your stay at your own leisure and just land/launch as you wish.
  • We don’t recommend travelling past the bottom access point due to the strong currents making paddling back up stream very difficult. Instead we would recommend paddling up river from Lucksall, approx ½ mile upstream is where the smaller River Lugg meets the River Wye. Depending on equipment and skill level it is possible to travel up the Lugg or continue up the Wye.