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The beautiful county of Herefordshire is the perfect base for exploring picturesque countryside with all the family and dogs.

Just opposite the Park is Westwoods set in 90 acres (approx) of woodland owned by Lucksall Park for all our guests to enjoy. Lucksall keeps it’s 90 acres of Woodland as a nature reserve for wildlife such as Buzzards, Squirrels and Deer, what wildlife will you see?

Adjoining the above is a further 200 acres of woodland leading across to the village of Fownhope with its two pubs The New Inn (dogs welcome) and The Green Man.

Just over a mile away is the forestry commission owned Haugh Woods. Stretching over 850 acres providing a safe environment for cycling for all the family. The woodland can be enjoyed from the firm and wide fire roads that run all through the woodland or walkers/cyclists can enjoy the woodland by following the many trails.

Adjoining Haugh Wood is Broadmoor Nature Reserve known as Broadmoor Common, with a wide range of species (especially wildflowers and butterflies) and with the wet grasslands and ponds attracting some unusual birds and amphibians.

Riverside walking is also available by following public footpaths right by Lucksall, giving an ideal opportunity to observe the rugged wild nature of the Wye, as well as watching the great array of wildlife that thrives on the Wye; from kingfishers and otters to curlews and swans.

You can also join The Wye Valley Walk which runs along side Lucksall Park's woodland providing a perfect mix of hill and river walking.

Maps of local walks are available to purchase from reception or for you to print off. 

Please follow all of the hyperlinks on each web page to access the maps: